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Sisi ni Wana Watindo

We are young and focused

There are many kids clubs out there but at Wana Watindo, we revolve around passion and creativity.


About Us

Established 9 years ago as MEFA Art Centre. We have history of developing talents. Under the new name Wana watindo which means (Fashion designers in Swahili language) we continue to nurture budding talents and stimulate creativity.
We are a fashion and design club for children between the ages of 6 to 18 yrs, where kids get inspiration and learn skills in sewing and fashion design from our highly experienced of tutors. 

  • The tranquil learning environment and modern training tools provide a unique space for creative, imaginative and inspirational learning. This one of a kind innovative program is designed for the kids to learn in small fun interactive classes with personalized training methods, emphasize originality in designs and encourage cultural touch.
  •  Kids get to learn at their own pace and acquire valuable skills while at the same time build their social skills meeting new friends, being engaged in multiple activities and have fun while at it. We have a fully equipped studio where kids can come learn, grow their creative skills and work on an array of projects during weekends and holidays. We have a playing ground, a place for them to hang out during class breaks and have fun, socialize, and not even realize how much they’re learning as they do. We are driven with passion in all we do! The kids are sure to wow you with their creativity.

Mission Statement

We strive to offer Fashion and Design skills with a Cultural Touch.

Our Vision

Harnessing Creative potential.

Core Values

Self drive


Riara Lane,
MEFA Institute of Design,
Hekima College Premises.


0731 178 922.


About Us
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