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Terms & Conditions

Sewing class - Terms & conditions

Ok so we all know terms and conditions are boring to read. But at the same time none of us like surprises so please do take the time to read through these. It won't take that long....honest.

  1. Bookings: All bookings must be paid in advance of the start date. If you wish to enroll your child to a class less than 24 hours before the start please contact us first by sending an email to and we will do our best to fit you in subject to availability. Your child’s place on the course cannot be guaranteed until full payment is received.
  2. Payments:  We prefer you to make a booking and pay using our online booking system which takes payments via PayPal (cards as well as account holders). Please note that all bookings will be pending until funds have cleared. We accept the following payments: • All major credit and debit cards –  Visa and MasterCard. Mobile money transfer {M-pesa• Bank transfers – Should you decide to send a bank transfer, please contact us on and we will provide you with our bank details. Please note that it could take up to 1-2 working days for your payment to clear. We would require your payment to be received at least 4 days before your class/workshop is due. Cash payments – Cash payment can be made directly at our premises (Request for a receipt). We would require your payment to be received at least 3 days before your class/workshop is due. Your child’s space will be booked only upon receiving your full payment. 
  3. Changes or cancellations by you:  If you find that your child is unable to attend class and you inform us more than 5 days in advance, we shall keep the payment as a credit to book against the next class/course or you can transfer to a future workshop free of charge. If cancellation is made within 12 hours of your workshop, we are unable to move your child to another class. However, you can always send a friend to take your child’s place - just let us know of the name change please. 
  4. Private lessons  All private lessons can be rescheduled if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to your class. If you cancel within 24 hours from your scheduled lesson, no changes or rescheduling will be offered. Please contact us at to inform us for any changes you may wish to make. 
  5. Non-attendance  Non-attendance of classes due to illness or for personal or professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds, extra tuition or a transfer. However, in such an event we will consider all the circumstances and take such action that we consider to be fair and reasonable. If you are signed up on a weekly or monthly course, where all classes are connected to make the one project and you miss a class, Wana Watindo will try offer you a replacement group lesson, if one is available before your next lesson. This is subject to space availability in the replacement class. However, if we are not running the same lessons, you may wish to take a private lesson, in addition to your course fee to catch up with your original group course.  Due to the special nature of our classes and the very limited enrollment, we would advise you to check your diary carefully before you signing up for a class. 
  6. Running late  If you are running late for your lesson, you must inform us by phone before your lesson is due to begin. If you are more than 30 min late for your lesson, we reserve the right to cancel your attendance. As with the nature of a group classes, late arrivals will impact the progress of the rest in the class, so please aim to be on time. Our class doors will open for your class, 15 minutes prior to your lesson. 
  7. Minimum class numbers  We require a minimum of 10 students to be booked for any class in order to proceed with this class/workshop. We may choose to run a class with less than 10 bookings, but we reserve the right to reschedule undersubscribed classes. 
  8. Cancellations by us  In the unlikely event when a class/workshop must be cancelled or postponed due to unavoidable circumstances or if a class is undersubscribed, we will give you a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. You will be offered an alternative date. We will not be liable for any other costs, wasted travel or expenses that you may incur. 
  9. Class postponement  If a class is postponed for reasons which we are responsible, including tutor illness or the clubs closure due to other reasons out of our control, we will make every reasonable effort to reschedule the class or to add the missed hours onto the remaining course.
  10. Student ability/competency  Wana Watindo reserves the right to move students from a class if their design and sewing ability or technical sewing competence is not at the required level and would be such that it hinders the teaching and progress of other students. In such cases we would look to move the student to a class more suited to the current sewing level. 
  11. Student conduct  Wana Watindo requires students to conduct themselves in a reasonable and proper manner at all times. Substantial obstruction of, or substantial improper interference with, the functions, duties or activities of any student or member of staff will result in the student being asked to leave the class. We will not tolerate any violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, intimidating or offensive behavior or language towards staff or other students. Any such action will result in the student being asked to leave the class and we reserve the right to cancel attendance of further classes in extreme cases. 
  12. Health & Safety  Students are asked to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to practical classes and use sharp tools in a safe and careful manner. Students who fail to comply with health and safety rules will be unable to participate in practical classes. 
  13. Security Tags  A Security tag will be given to the Parent/Guardian Dropping/Picking a child. NB:- A child will only be picked when the given tag number is produced by the Guardian/Parent.

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