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Our Courses

We have 5 main courses

 where Kids will have an opportunity to learn a variety of different skills. Each course is taught to all age groups and is designed according to age ability: 

What They Learn

SINDANO {Beginners}

Introduction to basics of needlework i.e hand stitching, including different type of stitching

CHERAHANI {Beginners}

Parts, Threading and use a sewing machine

MITINDO {Intermediary}

Introduction to design, Creative thinking and how to create and cut a simple patterns.

 TAKA MALI {Advanced}

Environmental sustainability and conscious fashion


Basic introduction to fashion entrepreneurship and business ethics.

Course Groups

GroupAge Category (yrs) Investment per CourseCourse Duration (Hrs)
Kipepeo6-9Ksh. 10,50019
Nyuki10-12Ksh. 12,00019
Tai16-18Ksh. 15,00019


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Riara Lane,
MEFA Institute of Design,
Hekima College Premises.


0731 178 922.


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